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Remix VERNIXX - ASAVA Remix Contest.

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Peace Love Productions, Mopis, and Sony Media Software have teamed up to bring you this awesome remix contest.

This contest will allow you the opportunity to show off your skills remixing.  This is how it's done downtown folks. We will supply a packet of vocal samples and loops. You will produce a chart topping remix of the song using the provided samples.

About the artists:

VERNIXX is an underground House Music producer, DJ, and remixer. He is a fast rising artist in the U.S. House music scene and DJ circuit as well as a well known name for club remixes and original dance productions. His songs are play-listed by international DJ's, he is included in dozens of podcasts on the internet, he receives American college radio airplay, and has performed extensively around the United States . He currently lives in Stillwater , Oklahoma .

He has DJed hundreds of parties and raves in the Southwest from 1997-2001 as DJ STRETCHY. Terry changed his artist name to VERNIXX in 2002, and began tailor making original electronic hybrids of House, Techno, Electro, and Progressive. He also started making high profile artist remixes for international club DJ's.

VERNIXX won second place in the WRVU FM ( Nashville TN ) poll "REMIXER OF THE YEAR in 2004 and was crowned with first place in 2005. He is currently the Number One all time House Producer on Sony's Acid Planet website. He has scored 20 consecutive Number One songs on as well as continuously charted with every song released.

VERNIXX is currently signed MOVER MUSIC, which he also represents as a DJ. He has held DJ residencies at Venue in Oklahoma City, Jones Club in Tulsa, Night Beats in Stillwater, and Wreck Room in Fort Worth.

ANGELA MARIA PLETHORA is an Idaho based avant-garde electronic musician, poet, and visual artist. She writes lyrics and well as contributes vocals to all new VERNIXX projects as well as to her own unique and original musical endeavors.



Mopis is a high-quality software synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive synthesis with new technology we call reconstructive synthesis.

Mopis uses subtractive synthesis to create the same sounds that analog synths have used for years. The oscillators generate basic waveforms-- sawtooth, square, triangle, and sine waves-- which are processed by Mopis's filters. The filter options include a warm, non-linear, analog-style filter, so you can get your favorite analog synth sounds out of Mopis.

Mopis Synth


The Prizes:

Mopis Synth VSTi Softsynth
Sony Media Sound Forge 8
• Peace Love Productions Loops + Samples

The Winner is:

Negativelight Glitchy MNML Remix.mp3

Runners Up:

Jakt - Freeze Tag Edit.mp3
Flyweight Asativa Soundboy.mp3
Marshal Arnold

Listen to VERNIXX - ASAVA (original mix) feat ANGELA MARIA PLETHORA

Make sure you enter your email address in the VERNIXX GROUP! The other two groups on that page are for Peace Love Productions customers. You will receive an invitation to join the VERNIXX Remix Contest group in your inbox within seconds. It'll ask you to register FREE, registration for this contest is FREE. After registering your information an activation link will be emailed to you to verify. Follow the simple instructions. We are using a service called Tradebit to host the files and uploads for this contest. Don't worry , it is for this contest only. You will not receive unsolicited email from Email me if you have any questions by visiting the PLP support page

The Rules:
• The contest begins March 15th, 2007 and ends May15th, 2007.
• A valid remix must contain vocal samples from the sample pack - BE CREATIVE!
• Your song can be anywhere between 3 minutes to 6 minutes in length.
• All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight CST on May 15th, 2007.
• This contest is open to citizens of all countries.
• Entrants must be at least 13 years of age.
• Entrants must provide a web friendly format of their entry(.mp3, .wma, .ram, etc.).
• Entrants must provide accurate contact information for the purpose of contacting winners.

Anyone affiliated with the sponsors, companies, and their relatives involved may not enter. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. Registration is required to participate and to download content. Entrants must provide accurate contact information. Entrants may use the downloadable loops and samples provided by  Peaceloveproductions and VERNIXX for this contest ONLY. The use of unauthorized audio and/or music is prohibited by law. Entrants are granted the rights to upload their remix to the the Tradebit website. Copyright 2007 Peace Love Productions.



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