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Peace Love Productions Royalty Free Loops and Samples
Jason Nevins, Producer. "If you are sampling and using any sort of sample cd's....you should be using stuff from Peace Love Productions. ALL their cd's are BANGIN ! I've been using their stuff for years in many of my productions and remixes. I use ACID all the time and having PLP loops makes it easy to come up with some hot tracks ! I hate to give away one of my secrets, but if you get some of their awesome cd's- you'll see what I mean. On top of having some of the best sounds around- I still cant understand why they are so inexpensive...these are easily worth as much as other similar sample cd's sold for 4 times the price." - Jason Nevins www.jasonnevins.com 
Nevins has remixed names such as Janet Jackson, Duran Duran, and Jessica Simpson not to mention bringing Run DMC back on the map with his chart topping remix of "It's Like That" back in 1998.

Judith Gruber-Stitzer says "Love your loops!" She's an award winning composer who's scored, among other things, an animated film that won the palme d'or in Cannes and an Oscar nomination. You can hear her work in the Nicktoons animated series Zevo 3.

Pro Downloads $29.95

Bubble Gut Bass Bassline Loops
Bubble Gut Bass

Chillout House Loops
Chillout House

Progressive House & Trance Loops
Progressive Dance Pack

Chicago House Loops
Nu Jack House

Rock Guitar Loops
Rock Guitars

House Dj Tools Loops
House Dj Tools

Neuro Drum n Bass Loops
Neuro Funk D n B

Afro Cuban Rhythm Loops
Afro Cuban Rhythms

Binary Grooves Glitch Loops
Binary Grooves

Electro Rock Loops
Electro Rock

Studio Breakbeat Drum Loops
Studio Breaks

Downtempo Lounge Loops
Downtempo Lounge

Tribal House Loops
Tribal House Beats

Video Producer's Music Box Loops
Video Producer's Music Box

Nu Skool Breakbeat Loops
Nu Skool Breaks

Synth Fuel Loops
Synth Fuel

Acid 303 Loops
Acid x0x 303 Synths

Electronic Dance Tools Loops
Electronic Dance Tools


Sony Creative Software Inc. - Loops and Samples

New Releases - Acid Loops, Apple .aif LoopsRecycle Reason Refills .rx2, MIDI  .mid Loops - Pro Packs $19.95 -  $29.95
Miami Dance Loops
Miami Dance
Dubstep Vs Drum n Bass Loops & Samples
Dubplate Techtonics
Drum Loops
Biomechanic Beats
Dark Ambient Loops
Ambient Soundscapes
Tech House Samples
Tech House Planet
House Samples
Sublime House Sounds
Ambient World Loops & Samples
Abstract World Fusion I
Short Skirt Vocals
Short Skirt Vocals
RnB Loops & Samples
Radio RnB
Diginoiz Bittersweet Beats Drum Loops
Bittersweet Beats
Funk House Loops
Funk The House
Atmospheric Dub Loops
Atmospheric Dub
Deep Club Grooves Loops
Deep Club Grooves
Hardcore Loops Hardstyle Samples
Hardcore Manipulation 4
World Music Loops
Abstract World Fusion 2
Deep Ambient Loops
Field Of Vision
World Music Loops
Tension Theory
Hip Hop Moog Samples And Dj Scratches - Scratch Boom Bap!
Scratch Boom Bap
Rave Synthsation Raver Loops & Samples
Rave Synthsation
Deep Tech Funk 2 House Loops & Samples
Deep Tech Funk 2
Micro Packs -  Download 50 Mb Packs $8.00 ea - 100Mb $12.00 ea




Ambient Guitar Pack 50+mb .wav .aiff .rx2

Ambient Trance Pack 01 50+mb .wav .aiff

Breakbeat Trance Kit 01 50+mb .wav .aiff

Breakbeat Trance Kit 02 50+mb .wav .aiff

Country Acoustic Guitars 50+mb .wav .aiff

Drum n Bass Jungle Pack 01 50+mb .wav .aiff .rx2

Eastern Chillout Remix Pack 50+mb .wav .aiff

Electro Synths & Grooves ***$12.00 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff

Electronic Tranceference Synths 50+mb .wav .aiff

Euro Synths Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff .mid

Euro Synths Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff .mid

Gangsta Crunk Producer's Pack 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff .acd

Glitch Arcade Pack 01 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Happy Hardcore Pack ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hardcore Gabber Mix ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hard Trance Loop Pack ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hip Hop Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd

Hip Hop Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd

Latin House Percussion 50+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff

Minimal Electro House ***$12.00 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff .acd

Reese Bass Attack Loops 140+ mb .wav .aiff, rx2

Reggaeton Dancehall Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Reggaeton Dancehall Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff

TB 303 Synths Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Tribal House Pack 01 *** $12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Turntable Scratch Samples 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Universal Club Leads Loop Pack 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Urban Street Mix Pack 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd .rx2

View All Micro Packs N/A  

Starting at $8.00 for 50mb
PLP Downloads - Royalty Free audio samples and loops for instant download. Download micro packs consist of 16 bit 44.1kHz sound files available in ACIDized .wav ACID Loops, aif Apple Lops, and .rx2 Recycle format. You'll get loops and samples in every pack. Some also include a bonus demo track in .acd format (Sony ACID Pro project file).



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