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Hexstatic is a UK music duo, consisting of Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson, that specializes in creating “quirky audio visual electro.”[1] Formed in 1997 after Hill and Brunson met while producing visuals at the Channel Five launch party, they decided to take over for the original members of the Ninja Tune multimedia collective Hex that had disbanded around the same time. They soon collaborated with Coldcut for the Natural Rhythms Trilogy, including the critically acclaimed A/V single Timber. Much of their music involves integrated visual experiences, and both of their main album releases have been CD and DVD combinations; the latest, Master-View, includes 3D “anaglyph” versions of some of their music videos and comes packaged with 3D glasses. Hexstatic has also been instrumental in designing VJ equipment, including the Pioneer DVJ-X1 professional DVD player.[2] Other artists they have worked with include EBN, Juice Aleem and David Byrne of Talking Heads.

Audio Design For Video Games: Composer Steve Horowitz On Proper Pedagogy

Steve Horowitz

As the record industry continues to implode, the booming video game industry has become something of a life-raft for many working audio professionals. Composer and producer Steve Horowitz has been plying the interactive audio waters for some times, for a while as the head of audio at Nickelodeon Digital, and now with the help of his electro-acoustic ensemble The Code International.

Steve, then, is in a perfect position to help design curriculum for educating the game audio designers of tomorrow. he spoke with Gino Robair at the 129th AES show about the history and direction of interactive audio, the ways in which relevant educational programs are taking shape, and about his thoughts on the future of the game audio industry.

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