Walter Murch On Echo

George Lucas’ THX 1138 sound designer Walter Murch tells us about Echo. Walter Murch is an accomplished editor and sound designer for many great films.

Audio Design For Video Games: Composer Steve Horowitz On Proper Pedagogy

Steve Horowitz

As the record industry continues to implode, the booming video game industry has become something of a life-raft for many working audio professionals. Composer and producer Steve Horowitz has been plying the interactive audio waters for some times, for a while as the head of audio at Nickelodeon Digital, and now with the help of his electro-acoustic ensemble The Code International.

Steve, then, is in a perfect position to help design curriculum for educating the game audio designers of tomorrow. he spoke with Gino Robair at the 129th AES show about the history and direction of interactive audio, the ways in which relevant educational programs are taking shape, and about his thoughts on the future of the game audio industry.

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