Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5 and Omni TR Review By Gearwire

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

If you could design your own custom soft synth, one that could produce a rich variety of sounds, what would it look like? For me, using current technology, it would look a lot like Omnisphere 1.5 (Mac/Win; $499). Omnisphere begins with a collection of raw material that rivals most sample libraries and thousands of patches that make full use of its content. Add lots of audio oscillators and LFOs, some traditional analog waveforms, a nice variety of filter types, and basic FM, additive, and granular synthesis engines. Throw in envelope generators with as many segments as you like, an impressive assortment of studio-quality effects, and an elegant user interface that brings order to a complex environment, and you have a versatile multitimbral toolbox for sound designers and musicians.

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Audio Design For Video Games: Composer Steve Horowitz On Proper Pedagogy

Steve Horowitz

As the record industry continues to implode, the booming video game industry has become something of a life-raft for many working audio professionals. Composer and producer Steve Horowitz has been plying the interactive audio waters for some times, for a while as the head of audio at Nickelodeon Digital, and now with the help of his electro-acoustic ensemble The Code International.

Steve, then, is in a perfect position to help design curriculum for educating the game audio designers of tomorrow. he spoke with Gino Robair at the 129th AES show about the history and direction of interactive audio, the ways in which relevant educational programs are taking shape, and about his thoughts on the future of the game audio industry.

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