Interview with BT NAMM 2011

Interview with BT NAMM 2011

Back at Winter NAMM, iZotope held a proper release party for their new Stutter Edit performance / production effect, headlined by the man behind the app, BT. We sat down with Mr. Transeau after the party to talk about his collaboration with iZotope on Stutter Edit. Wouldn’t you know, His relationship with iZotope’s MIT-educated management stretches all the way back to his days at Berkley School of Music. Go Sawx.

BT’s already had a momentous 2011; in addition to the release of iZotope Stutter Edit, he’s been nominated for a Grammy for the first time in his long career, for his album These Hopeful Machines. If you’re wondering, this is the Grammy performance to which he refers when talking about how excited he is about the nod.

Gino Robair asks the man behind iZotope Stutter Edit about his creative process. Specifically, how does he get down to writing when he’s got all that excellent gear to distract him. One of the answers is: have a room that’s basically a big “ergonomic mouse.” Also, limitation is the key to inspiration.

BT also talks about his love of country music by way of discussing the writing process for Every Other Way off his Grammy-nominated These Hopeful Machines

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BT Stutter Edit Winter NAMM 2011

This new plugin was all the rage. It is a really cool set of midi controlled effects design by BT.

After the show I went to an exclusive event hosted by BT and Richard Devine an got to hang out with them and their lovely wives.

Created in collaboration with composer and electronic musician BT (Brian Transeau), iZotope Stutter Edit is a playable effect for live performance and the studio that gives us all the chance to manipulate audio, BT-style.

At the heart of Stutter Edit is a live sampling engine that lets producers, laptop performers, and other musicians manipulate audio in real-time. Stutter Edit slices audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into razor-sharp rhythmic effects, re-creating techniques that would otherwise take hours to perfect in the studio.

According to iZotope, the results can range from jarring to subtle: a melody can be disintegrated into a syncopated rhythmic roll, or a drum hit can be transformed into an arpeggiated scale of pitches. The complex set of tools in Stutter Edit is balanced by a MIDI control scheme, which makes the process of adding effects more intuitive and similar to that of playing an instrument.

In addition to stutter effects, the software provides a number of rhythmic effects, including gate, pan, digital distortion, delays, and filters. The Generator module creates custom noise sweeps that can be triggered along with stutter effects to build tension and create dynamics, both in live performances and studio arrangements.

About the new release, BT, the pioneer of the stutter edit technique, says, “Stutter Edit exists because I wanted to step on stage with a laptop and improvise the complex and musical rhythmic effects that sometimes took me days of trial and error to create.” He continues, “I’m elated to partner with iZotope and unveil Stutter Edit to the world, and I can’t wait to see what other producers, composers and sound designers will do with this insane new effect. I truly believe this will dramatically change the topography and scope of what is possible with live sound design and remixing.”

On the stage, Stutter Edit makes it easy for laptop performers to create improvised remixes that include stutters, fills, and build-ups. Stutter Edit’s MIDI-controlled workflow pairs well with Ableton Live and other DAWs for DJ sets. In the studio, you can use Stutter Edit to add color and transitions to recordings, arrange music with effects, and more.

If you will be at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show this weekend, stop by iZotope’s booth (#6920) for a live demo with BT and Blake Lewis at 2:00 p.m. (PST) on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

Until February 14th, Stutter Edit will be available at the introductory price of $149. After the intro period ends, Stutter Edit will be offered at the regular price of $249. For more information,

BT Stutter Effect

Check it out here