Latin Percussion Samples

Latin Percussion Loops & Samples

Soundtrack Loops Latin Percussion Loops & Samples includes seven Latin genres. They are son montuno, bossa, samba, bolero, afro cuban in 6/8, cha cha cha, and timba. Each genre includes all of the traditional percussion elements plus some non-traditional drum kit beats to replace the timbale rhythms. This set includes Timbale, Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro, Shaker, Clave, Block, Agogo Bells, Cowbells, Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi Hat, Ride, and Crash. Each genre has individual loops for each drum instrument including drum set. You can mix your own grooves or simply used the premixed loops. There are 90 one shot samples. Each have been mapped out in Reason’s NNXT, Logic EXS24, and NI Battery. All of this included for one low price.

Boss Loop Station Pedals

Boss Loop Station

Dub FX was demoing the Boss Loop Station at NAMM. Sad we missed him! Check out this video though…

Two new pedals have joined the Boss line of pedal-based loop recorders: the RC-30 and RC-3. These new battery-powered Loop Station pedals feature high-powered digital signal processing, stereo operation, and more. The RC-30 and RC-3 follow the previously released Boss RC-20XL and RC-2 Loop Station pedals.

Designed with the live looping performer in mind, the RC-30 and RC-3 Loop Stations are powered by the Boss ESC2 DSP chip and offer looping musicians the tools needed for recording and manipulating audio loops live and in the studio.

The RC-30 is housed in a Boss Twin Pedal chassis, just like the RC-20XL that it replaces. New features include true stereo inputs and outputs, up to three hours of onboard stereo recording and loop storage, a marked upgrade to its predecessor’s mono I/O, and 16 minutes of mono recording. In addition, the RC-30 has a new dual phrase loop feature that lets you create and play two completely independent stereo loop phrases in perfect sync.

Included in the RC-30 is the Loop FX feature that allows you to process loop recordings in real-time. The RC-30 also features 99 memories for onboard loop storage, an LED memory indicator, a USB 2.0 port that lets you swap and manage WAV audio loops with a computer, and more. Holdover features from the RC-20XL include a mic input with phantom power, an AUX IN jack for connecting a portable music player, and a key selection of onboard rhythms that now include real audio drum loops.

Along with the RC-30, Boss introduced the RC-3. Housed in a rugged Boss compact pedal chassis, the RC-3 offers all the essential features of the RC-30 in smaller package, including stereo I/O, up to three hours of stereo recording and loop storage, 99 onboard memories, USB 2.0, and built-in rhythms. For additional foot control, the RC-3 can be connected to an optional Boss FS-5U Foot Switch.

Check out the RC-30 and RC-3 live looping machines at the Boss Web site,

More info here Boss Loop Station