What To Do Before You Go into The Studio To Record Your Indie Album

Advice From BMI:

By Cliff Goldmacher

When it comes to recording a CD project where you’re the artist, you’ve got a lot of big decisions to make that will ultimately influence the way your project sounds. In other words, the more you do to prepare yourself before the record light comes on, the more enjoyable the process and the product will be.

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BMI Point of View: The Future of Music on Mobile Devices

Got this in the mail from BMI. Thought I’d post it.

This is the first in a new series of strategic updates from BMI senior management on developments in the world of copyright, music licensing, songwriting, composing and the distribution and use of music in the global marketplace. BMI’s unique point of view casts a light on industry trends and what they mean for creators and owners of musical works.

In this episode of BMI Point of View, Richard Conlon Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Communications and New Media discusses “The Future of Music on Mobile Devices”.

Covering such topics as:

+The BMI prediction model
+Where is mobile music going?
+Download (ownership model) vs Streaming (rental model)
+Are others picking up on these trends?
+BMI’s Digital Hollywood seminar “Content, Copyright and Commerce”
+What about ringtones and ringbacks?
+Are we at the end of the “iPod Era”?
+What does this all mean to Songwriters?