Dj Puzzle’s Music In TV Series Portlandia

Dj Puzzle Songs In Portlandia
December 26th 2011, Dj Puzzle’s songs “Twap” and “Class Soiree” have been used in the TV series “Portlandia” on IFC. The song at 1:35 mins in is called Class Soiree.

Zevo-3 Nick Tunes Uses PLP Loops

nick tunes

Judith Gruber-Stitzer used PLP loops to score the music and sound effects for popular Nick Tunes cartoon Zevo-3

Dj Puzzle Giving Away Free Beats

TPR Beats

PLP’s very own Dj Puzzle giving away free beats on The Public Record website as a part of TPR Beats. Collaborate for a chance to get your tuns licensed for TV & Film.


The Public Record is the host for a totally new interactive recording concept. Imagine not only being able to play on your favorite artist’s latest release, but actually influencing the musical direction of the recording. The Public Record bridges the gap between artist and fan; pro session player and amateur musician. It is the hub where you can stay informed on the progress being made on a record that is as much YOUR record as it is the artist’s. Those bands featured on The Public Record will be utilizing the wealth of talent from those who ultimately care about their music the most-the fans.

All you need is to have access to basic digital recording software and an internet connection. With that, you will be able to download early stage “skeletons” of the material and will be given the opportunity to shape the progression of those songs. Unlike releasing stems for remix after the record is complete, you will be collaborating on what will become the official version of that song. Your riffs, vocals, sound effects, counter melodies, or whatever inspires you, can be submitted for a chance to be included into the final mix. Simply log in, download those work-in-progress tracks into your digital audio workstation (ProTools, Logic, Garageband, etc.), record all your best ideas and then upload them to

The Public Record gives everyone a chance to freely share in the creative process of professional music production from the comfort of your bedroom, garage or home studio.

What To Do Before You Go into The Studio To Record Your Indie Album

Advice From BMI:

By Cliff Goldmacher

When it comes to recording a CD project where you’re the artist, you’ve got a lot of big decisions to make that will ultimately influence the way your project sounds. In other words, the more you do to prepare yourself before the record light comes on, the more enjoyable the process and the product will be.

Read the full article here BMI . COM

Trademarking Your Bands Name

Music Business

Trademarking your bands name could be important even though it will cost you $1800 to do so! I was looking for some info about this and found a really great site with some useful info.