Interview With Richard Devine Namm 2011

Lover of John Cage and non-standard time-signatures Richard Devine might seem out of place on a bill that includes dance-music-hero BT, but his decidedly more avant-garde musical stylings actually served to highlight the wide-raging appeal of the new iZotope Stutter Edit performance and production software.

Gino Robair spoke with Devine after his eclectic set at the iZotope NAMM party. Though he was there to help support the release of Stutter Edit, he had a lot of nice things to say about the new Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4, the newest controller that makes use of all the sound shaping and loop creating abilities of Traktor Pro.

See the video interview with Richard Devine here

For a taste of what Richard Devine makes of the new iZotope Stutter Edit software, dig this

Devine Gesture Variations for the “Stutter Edit” plug-in by iZotope. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Acoustica Mixcraft 5 & Peace Love Productions

We here at PLP are extremely proud to be a part of the Acoustica team. Mixcraft 5 for Windows is an amazing DAW! Just look at how long the features list is lol (PLP has provided hundreds of loops for Mixcraft). Dan and I used to work at Sonic Foundry back in the late 90s. It was until recently we discovered we went to the same school at one point lol. Anyway check out his software , it’s very nice.

Main Features
Improved graphics and visual effects give Mixcraft 5 a sharp, polished and professional look.
Custom loop library includes over 3000 royalty-free sounds in dozens of musical styles. Over 1000 new loops, including the following song kits: 70’s Funk, Cool Jazz, Surf Rock, Reggae, and Vegas Rock.
Works with Acid™ and Apple Garage Band™ loops.
Record multiple MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously.
Piano roll to view and edit MIDI.
Notation tools allow you to create, edit, and print your MIDI data in familiar music notation format.
8 powerful virtual instruments, including the Acoustica Instruments General MIDI sample library, Acoustica Expanded Instruments sample library, Lounge Lizard Session vintage electric piano, VB3 tonewheel organ, MiniMogueVA monophonic analog synthesizer, Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer, Alien303 Bass Synthesizer, and Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.
22 high quality effects, including the Pultronic Tube EQ, which models the classic tube equalizer found in studios throughout the world, and the Shred Amp Simulator, a complete suite of 5 classic amp heads, 17 cabinet models, and 6 powerful effects.
Create mega presets that layer and split multiple virtual synthesizers and effects.
Add unlimited VSTi™ instruments, VST™ and DirectX™ effects.
Video Track allows loading and editing of video files. Easily cross−fade from one video clip to another. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to a new video file.
Mix down to MP3, WAV, high-quality compressed OGG, and other audio file types.
Option to record directly to high-quality compressed OGG files in Mixcraft 5. OGG files can take up 1/10th of the hard drive space of uncompressed WAV recordings. This is ideal for collaborators exchanging projects over the internet, laptop users, schools, and anyone recording long speeches or conferences.
Burn CDs of your mix with just one click.

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Scott Humphrey Jammit: New Music-Learning iPhone iPad App Announced

Jammit iPhone iPad App

Scott Humphrey Jammit: New Music-Learning App Announced

Today at the Macworld Conference & Expo, music producer Scott Humphrey (Motley Crue, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne) will be unveiling the new Jammit app. Jammit is said to be the first music app of its kind to isolate top industry artists’ original multi-track master recordings, giving musicians of all levels a way to learn their favorite music tracks as they were meant to be played.

Created by Scott Humphrey, the Jammit app has a lot to offer. Some Jammit features include instrument isolation, synchronized notation, tablature, phrase looping, and a slow speed function that slows down a part without changing the pitch. With Jammit on hand, you will be able to interpret music correctly and learn the parts faster than you normally would.

“Until now, there was always a level of uncertainty of how the original track was played,” said Humphrey. “Jammit offers musicians a unique combination of software features combined with isolated tracks from the original multi-track master recordings. Our ever expanding library features many of the top artists from the last four decades.”

The Jammit library offers includes access to tracks by Steve Vai, Rob Zombie, Nickelback, No Doubt, Marilyn Manson, Foreigner, Motley Crüe, Grateful Dead, Pantera, Alice Cooper, and many others.

Previously, people had to rely on traditional learning tactics like printed sheet music or mixed audio files, constantly pushing play, rewind, and play again on their music player. With the introduction of Jammit, the maker says, musicians finally have access to the isolated multi-tracks sessions combined with innovative and easy-to-use software for maximum learning potential. Proprietary variable timing reference technology offers access to many features including the following:

Isolation of individual instruments and vocals for pinpoint learning
Synchronized scrolling notation and tablature
Audio waveform displays for visual cues and navigation
Looping and song section markers for detailed accuracy
Performance recording and playback
Slow playback mode that doesn’t affect the original pitch
Use the app to isolate an individual instrument within a dense mix and hear the intricacies of an instrument. The scrolling digital notation and tablature makes it easy to reference and follow along with the audio, and you can practice in loop mode, mute the isolated track, jam along with the band track, and record their own performance.

Jammit will be available soon at At the Web site, Jammit users will be able to download, install, and purchase their favorite songs for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, OS X, Windows, and other devices.

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Rob Papen RG Rhythm Guitar Synth Winter NAMM 2011

Th man behind Predator shows his latest creation.

RG is a unique groove plug-in that is far more than just a “virtual Rhythm Guitar player !
New released RG 1.5 included ‘Muted Guitar’ model.

By using the RG onboard sequencer it is possible to create classic Rhythm Guitar grooves, but beyond that you can use the synthesizer features and effects to make fresh new edgy guitar grooves. To play the grooves RG is using a keyboard layout of “major chords” and “minor chords”, each with two sequence patterns (A or B) option.
It is only a matter of hitting a single note in the major keyboard range or minor keyboard range and the groove plays. The sound sets are clean sampled guitars, which gives you great freedom and flexibility when using the synthesizer features and effects of RG.

RG 1.5 Guitar types included are:
– The classic Fender Stratocaster ® electric guitar (major and minor7 chords)
– A 8th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
– A 16th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
– A Power Chord groove type Distorted guitar ( 5ths chords / absense of 3rd)
– Muted Low and Muted High groove type guitar (single notes / no chords)

The synthesizer parts of RG include a classic analog modelled synthesizer filter, LFO, envelopes and modulation section. The effect section can be built up by using up to 3 effects at a time. Included are midi time-based delays, chorus and also speaker simulators, phaser, flanger and many more. Included are over 1000 presets included 850 “RG” grooves and 300 “basic” grooves. Watch the “Video Tutorial” about RG!

RG…the very first “Rhythm Guitar Synth”.

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BT Stutter Edit Winter NAMM 2011

This new plugin was all the rage. It is a really cool set of midi controlled effects design by BT.

After the show I went to an exclusive event hosted by BT and Richard Devine an got to hang out with them and their lovely wives.

Created in collaboration with composer and electronic musician BT (Brian Transeau), iZotope Stutter Edit is a playable effect for live performance and the studio that gives us all the chance to manipulate audio, BT-style.

At the heart of Stutter Edit is a live sampling engine that lets producers, laptop performers, and other musicians manipulate audio in real-time. Stutter Edit slices audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into razor-sharp rhythmic effects, re-creating techniques that would otherwise take hours to perfect in the studio.

According to iZotope, the results can range from jarring to subtle: a melody can be disintegrated into a syncopated rhythmic roll, or a drum hit can be transformed into an arpeggiated scale of pitches. The complex set of tools in Stutter Edit is balanced by a MIDI control scheme, which makes the process of adding effects more intuitive and similar to that of playing an instrument.

In addition to stutter effects, the software provides a number of rhythmic effects, including gate, pan, digital distortion, delays, and filters. The Generator module creates custom noise sweeps that can be triggered along with stutter effects to build tension and create dynamics, both in live performances and studio arrangements.

About the new release, BT, the pioneer of the stutter edit technique, says, “Stutter Edit exists because I wanted to step on stage with a laptop and improvise the complex and musical rhythmic effects that sometimes took me days of trial and error to create.” He continues, “I’m elated to partner with iZotope and unveil Stutter Edit to the world, and I can’t wait to see what other producers, composers and sound designers will do with this insane new effect. I truly believe this will dramatically change the topography and scope of what is possible with live sound design and remixing.”

On the stage, Stutter Edit makes it easy for laptop performers to create improvised remixes that include stutters, fills, and build-ups. Stutter Edit’s MIDI-controlled workflow pairs well with Ableton Live and other DAWs for DJ sets. In the studio, you can use Stutter Edit to add color and transitions to recordings, arrange music with effects, and more.

If you will be at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show this weekend, stop by iZotope’s booth (#6920) for a live demo with BT and Blake Lewis at 2:00 p.m. (PST) on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

Until February 14th, Stutter Edit will be available at the introductory price of $149. After the intro period ends, Stutter Edit will be offered at the regular price of $249. For more information,

BT Stutter Effect

Check it out here