In the beginning…

PLP 2001 Acid Loops

… there was Jack, just kidding.

PLP began as an underground label who originally planned to release Dj mixes. Eventually PLP morphed into an underground label that produces and distributes royalty free loops and samples.

It all began in a small town called Madison WI. The founding member Jason Donnelly was experimenting with Sonic Foundry’s Vegas software. He was able to create Dj mixes by using Vegas’ stretching feature which he achieved by holding down the “Ctrl” key and dragging the far left edge of the selected waveform (see the example video below). Essentially what is being done here is manual beat matching by using the Vegas stretch feature. This was a tedious task but remember this was 1999 and Dj mixing software had not yet been invented. This was pre – Acid Pro Beatmapper, pre -Mixmeister, pre -Traktor Dj, pre – Ableton Live, and pre – Serrato. None of these had been invented yet so this was the easiest way to make Dj mixes on a PC. To our knowledge this was the world’s first Dj mix constructed entirely on a PC and it dates back to 1999. Message us if you would like to hear the mix. It was called The Rhythm Inferno.

After 8 hours of fumbling around with this mess he was quite pleased with the results. The true test was to play it for his DJ friends. They all said it was a wicked mix and not a single one of them knew it was mixed on a PC. They all thought it was done the traditional way via two turntables and a mixer. This really got him fired up so he rushed back to Chicago to tell his friend Bernard about it. The plan was to license songs from well know producers at the time and create professional sounding mixes to release. Bernard was also amazed at how great the mix sounded and he was instantly into the idea. The two then created a handful of demo mixes in various genres along with cool artwork and a logo. Unfortunately they did not reach any labels due to a lack of resources and time BUT PLP was not going to end there in fact this is how it completely changed gears. Stay tuned , more to come! The entire story will be documented.

The following video is a modern reenactment of the actual process discovered in 1999. The software used in this video is Vegas 8.0 but originally the first release of Vegas Audio was used. We know it doesn’t look like much but remember this was 1999 when software didn’t mix mp3s automatically or manually for that matter nothing like this existed.

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