Remix Bitstream Dream Contest

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Remix Bitstream Dream's - Darkest Hour.
This contest will allow you the opportunity to remix Bitstream Dream's Darkest Hour. The best remix wins tons of great prizes.

The Artist

Bitstream Dream is electronica producer / remixer Rom Di Prisco.

Rom was classically trained at the Royal Conservatory Of Music, and has released music on labels such as Bedrock, Hook, Nettwerk, EMI, Cleopatra, Hypnotic, Instinct, Planet Dog, and Sunkissed.

Rom has done film and tv work for Artisan Entertainment, MGM, Robert Redford's Wildwood Productions, and MTV, and he has produced remixes for artists such as Skinny Puppy, DJ Christopher Lawrence, Unit:187, and Fear Factory.

His music can also be heard in games for Rockstar, Atari, and Electronic Arts, such as the Need for Speed series, SpyHunter 2, Rune, SSX Tricky, and Blair Witch: The Legend of Coffin Rock.

Rom has previously released music under the names Morphadron and Machineries of Heaven, but all of Rom's future music releases will now be under the one name, Bitstream Dream.
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Bitstream Dream


The Prizes:
. Om Lounge 8 CD
. Toontrack Drumkit From Hell Bundle
. ReFX Vanguard Soft Synth
. RGC Audio Z3ta+ Soft Synth
. PLP Disco Tech Loop CD

The Tools:
Bitstream Dream - Darkest Hour (original mix) MP3

Vocals and samples 12.5mb
Vocals and samples 10.1mb
Vocals and samples 01 .sitx
Vocals and samples 02 .sitx

If the download is slow or doesn't work please try again later or email PLP
The Rules:
. The contest begins Friday, March 26th, 2004.
. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight PST on Saturday, June 26th, 2004.
. Only one entry per contest can be submitted. Cheaters will be disqualified.
. This contest is open to citizens of all countries.
. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age.
. Entrants must provide a web friendly format of their entry(.mp3, .wma, .ram, etc.).
. Entrants must provide accurate contact information for the purpose of contacting winners.

How To Enter:
. Download the vocals and samples.
. Start remixing!
. Click on the link below which states "I HAVE READ THE TERMS ABOVE".
. You will then be taken to
. Register your information. (a valid email address is required)
. Post a link to your remix at after confirming your information.

Aditional Rules:
Anyone affiliated with the sponsors, companies, and their relatives involved may not enter. The competition starts March 26th, 2004 and is open to the entire globe. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight CST on June 26th, 2004. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. Registration is required to participate and to download content. Entrants must provide accurate contact information. A valid remix must contain some or all of the a capella vocals from "Darkest Hour ".  Entrants may use the downloadable loops and samples provided by Bitstream Dream and Peaceloveproductions. Entrants may also create their own original music. The use of unauthorized audio and/or music is prohibited by law. 2 Finalists and 1 winner will be chosen by Bitstream Dream. The loops, vocals, and music from "Darkest Hour" can be used for this contest only. Any use of this material outside of this contest is in violation of copyrights owned by Bitstream Dream.

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